Information from BT about Duct and Pole sharing

This is taken from an email from BT to a rural CIC who applied for access to BT poles to help them bring connectivity to an area of market failure:
‘I am aware of the recent discussions and media interest in duct sharing & pole sharing with other telecoms providers, and I am sure you are aware that no such agreement is currently in place.
Ofcom has said that BT must develop the proposition around duct and pole access as they see it as a way of potentially driving more NGA deployment in areas where BT has no plans to roll out. BT may have an initial view of a duct product by December 2010, and a launched product available around May 2011, but these dates are aspirational. A product for poles is likely to take a few months longer.
BT has already said that it is willing to open its ducts, subject to working through the right terms and conditions, including price, and all the practicalities, and will do this, through the Ofcom consultation response and through subsequent trials and product developments.
It will not be possible to shortcut this process at a local level with all of the safety, security, maintenance, charges and responsibilities undefined; and there are different proposals suggested depending on the different telecom structures around the country.
The reference to BT sharing poles with Electric Distribution companies is true for some parts of the country at the discretion of the power company concerned who own the poles. The permission for each individual pole concerned has an independent wayleave associated with it along with very strict conditions of use, responsibilities and rights. There are no circumstances where power companies share BT poles’.
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