We will be adding useful links and resources over the coming weeks to assist individuals, businesses, councils and communities to support the campaign. There are also many articles on the blogroll, (link on the right) too many to categorise, but please comment here if there are any you can’t find and we will locate the info for you.

Watch this space!

If you have a link you wish to share, please do so. – inspiring blog post blowing away the myth that rural broadband is too expensive … a must read.

Dispelling the myths, ‘What is NGA’

Making the Business Case for FTTH – FTTH Council EU PDF

Confused by all the jargon? FTTH Council EU definition of terms

No mobile phone signal, no Net Access, why rural children are leaving...

Government commission says more needs to be done to help young people stay in rural areas. Audio file from three teenagers here

Duct access thoughts Experts warn over superfast broadband ‘game’

Reply from BT about opening access to ducts and poles

Darling’s speech in the budget relating to ‘broadband’

Information about the BET Scam.

Fiber-to-the-X: the economics of last-mile fiber Info about what fibre is. What it really really is.

  1. March 25, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    The use of smartphones has meant that mobile companies are struggling (masts need fibre too) and femtocells are a way of using your internet connection to boost your mobile at home. This of course is not possible in rural areas, as the femtocell needs at least 1megabit to work. Another reason to get fibre into the countryside?

  2. cyberdoyle
    April 1, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    just listened to an audio boo here: it is from @documentally, who is an ex cow herder, engineer of human souls, and famous on twitter for his work, he relies on the internet and has what we call a crapspot connection. This is the sort of person we are trying to help in this campaign and the boo is his response to a call for help to BT. The answer they gave him was to move.

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