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2015 is a lot better than never …

December 6, 2010 2 comments

Hard on the heels of mounting not-spot desperation, it looks as if hope may be rewarded by the government’s announcements today. The Minister’s comments were timely.
Perhaps our villages’ children will be able to download their school work, small businesses survive, households save petrol (£1.229 a litre here), people work from home, e-government social discrimination removed, etc etc.
Lets’ hope fixing the regulatory anomalies (VOA fibre tax, market domination abuse, post and duct sharing) doesn’t slow matters down.
Is cautious applause premature? … I won’t plan to take out my appendix on line just yet!

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IJDGI – I just don’t get it – Digital Inclusion Task Force Quango ignores Final Third

December 5, 2010 8 comments

It’s been almost 12 months now since the Digital Champion’s team gushingly briefed me on Martha’s role: to motivate people to race on line yet ignoring broadband infrastructure as not her problem. The team said it would represent rural exclusion, but I’ve seen no evidence. Last week’s MLF press coverage adds further insult to injury for those who have only DIAL UP broadband, and no hope of anything better.

Has MLF tried to excite anyone to race on-line at dial-up speed? Has she or her team tried living with dial-up to get things done?

How on earth do they rationalise ignoring the interests of 1/3rd of the population which is currently doomed to unacceptable broadband speeds, and the 1/10th which will not get any, ever?

It’s analogous to DITF (them) obtaining (our) funding to teach everyone to drive, but with only bridleways serving 1/3rd of the people out there!

Come on, please, get some heads out of the sand and put some weight behind the disenfranchised 1/3rd too.

Or is the DITF team desperately spending its last funding any way it can before the quango cull?

Quote DITF “Race Online 2012 will continue to support and challenge government to get more people online and we will highlight the importance of rural broadband issues through our campaign wherever possible by linking it to our cause.”

I just don’t get it!

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